John O’Callaghan (The Maine) on the cover of Teen Vogue

youre so sexy sir

I Poke People and I Suck A Lot: Pioneer has been more than an album to me. It has inspired me in my...


Pioneer has been more than an album to me. It has inspired me in my daily life for the past year. I know that might sound weird that one album of music can have that big of an impact, but it isn’t just the music, it’s what the music stands for. The Maine fought for a year to get that album out,…


that moment when we realize pioneer not only saved a lot of us, but in a way it saved our boys too. 

oh my god…. <3 i never realised this



this dvd is perfect


I wish I was that mannequin…

baby john thats not how you makeout with women


my body cant take this though

keep those beanies you look magnificent 

my life

they wanted the hot dog poo story in rebloggable form






this is going to break 1000 notes

1000 people are going to be laighing at me shitting myself to death

I shouldn’t have laughed as much as I did. I’m a terrible human being.

This is still the funniest thing ever, I’m so sorry

I did not, at the start of this story, think I would laugh as much as I just did.

oh my god this is amazing. even though its not the maine related guys… i just cant stop laughing.

stay away sweet misery

so today i had another panic attack……. im so anti social and awkward….

uneclipsed asked:
I know I don't know you so I'm sorry if this sounds weird, but I just read your text post about all time low, the maine and mayday parade and I just wanted to say I hope you stay strong and I hope you're okay!

thanks :) and im hanging in there :)